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SCIENCE HOSTEL, (Old Main Hostel) for boys, situated on old station road, admits students from the colleges of Sciences. The Hostel has tried to maintain a tradition of academic excellence and some outstanding students of the three Colleges have been residents of this Hostel in the past. NEHRU HOSTEL is situated near Sevashram Chouraya, near sector. 3, Hiran Magri Scheme. It has two blocks , A and B blocks. In addition to this an International wing for overseas students from all faculties is available in the A block. Admission to a block is restricted to students from commerce and Management faculties where as students from Social Sciences, Humanities and Law can get admission in the B block. Details and application forms for admission to the Nehru Hostel may be obtained from the Hostel Office. For girls, accommodation is available in the UNIVERSITY GIRLS HOSTEL , situated in the Old Campus (M.B.College) on Durga Nursery Marg and Womens Hostel in Ravindra Nagar, Udaipur. Research Hostel located near Science Hostel is for research students from all the faculties. All the hostels are well equipped with modern facilities.

SCIENCE HOSTEL (OLD MAIN HOSTEL) Only for Students from Science Faculty 66 Seats
Nehru Hostel A Block & International Students Wing Only for Students from Commerce & Science Faculty. International Wing for Foreign students 86 Seats
Nehru Hostel B Block Only for Students from Social Sciences & Humanities and Law 86 Seats
Girls Hostel Only for Girls from all faculties 98 Seats
Womens Hostel Only for Female students 25 Seats
Research Hostel Only for Research Scholars 16 Seats
Room Rent and Other Fees
The resident student of the Main Hostel,/ Nehru Hostel have to pay room rent as per rates below, from July if they join before January and from January if they join after December:-
Single seated
Double seated.
Double and triple seated.
Electric & Power charges
Single seated room
Double seated room
Triple seated room
Rent For Electric Fans
Single Seated Room
Double Seated Room
Triple Seated Room
Water Charges
  Single Seated
  Double Seated
  Triple Seated
International Students Wing
The room rent and electric, power and other charges from the resident students of "International Students" wing of Nehru Hostel will be as under.
  Single seated
  Double seated
  Triple Seated
Electric & Power Charges:
  Single seated
  Double seated
  Triple Seated
Rent For Electric Fans
Single Seated Room
Double Seated Room
Triple Seated Room
Water Charges
  Single Seated
  Double Seated
  Triple Seated
Notes :
   Electric and Power charges are to be shared by all the occupants jointly on the basis of annual consumption. The rates indicated above are relevant for rough calculation and collecting amount in advance only. Differences, if any shall be chargeable or refundable, as the cases may be at the end of every three months. The last installment would have to be cleared before the commencement of the examinations.
  Room rent, electric and power charges, rent for fan and water charges will be realized from the Hostlers for 10 months in a year. However, if duration of the academic session is extended, additional fees/ charges will be realized in case the session is extended for any reason, room rent, electric and power charges, rent for fan and water charges for May and June shall also be realized from all the hostlers for wholly or partially extended months.  
  Student required during summer vacation for their thesis /project work may be permitted to stay in the hostel but they would be required to pay room rent, electric and power charges, rent for fan and water charges for their extended month partially or wholly.  
Other Fee:-
Hostel Improvement
Hostel admission
Hostel Common Room
Hostel Utensils
Hostel Caution
Hostel Association fee
(For room rent and other fees for the residents of the University Girls Hostel Information may be obtained from the Hostel Office)
Note :
Students must pay the annual fees in advance at the time of admission.
    Student who seek admission even for a short duration of a few months to appear for an examination will have to pay in advance room rent, electric and power charges, rent for electric, fan, admission fee, caution money, common room fee and hostel association fee.
   If a student has to stay in the hostel after the examination for some reason or the other, fees will be charged from him for this. Besides the student will take written permission from the Warden for this purpose.  
  Furniture is provided free of charge . Boarders will deposit a sum of Rs. 50/- with the Offices of their colleges on admission as caution money. Caution money is returned when the student leaves the hostel after the deduction for damages or loss if any.  
  The Hostel provides facilities for indoor games, reading room, and literary and cultural activities for their inmates to the extent possible.
  Messes are run by the students themselves on co-operative basis. Inmates are expected to co-operate in the management of their messes and pay their mess dues in the beginning of the month so that this facility may continue uninterrupted.
  Unauthorized use of heaters and electric appliances is forbidden. Hostellers may be required to compensate individually or collectively for damage done to hostel property.
  nmates of hostels are not allowed to have any of their guests stay in the hostel. Any unauthorized person occupying a room or a part of it in the hostel will be ejected and any inmate of the hostel accommodating will be liable to expulsion.  
  Consumption of alcoholic or narcotic drink is expressly prohibited in the premises. If any inmate of the hostel is found drunk he will be expelled from the hostel.  
  No inmate is permitted to keep any weapons or arms with him or in the hostel premises. If an inmate is found to possess any weapon or arms with him or in the room or in the premises, he will be expelled from the hostel.  
  Boarders are required to abide by the rules notified by the Warden from time to time and maintain the discipline of the hostel.  
  All communications regarding the hostel should be addressed in the first instance to the warden. The hostel will have a hostel association with office bearers duly elected by its inmates.
Admission Main (Hostel)
Admission to hostel is open to the students admission to different courses run by the three Colleges. Hostel admission would be done afresh at the commencement of each academic session and those who were previously admitted can not automatically continue in the hostel. Student must vacate their hostel room as soon as their examinations are over.
Academic merit will be the main consideration for admission to the hostel. Due weight age will also be given to those having proficiency in games, sports and cultural activities.
Preferences will be given to undergraduate students, especially those in Ist year T.D.C. classes.
Employed students, failures of the previous year and those doing their second post-graduation are not eligible for admission.
Students against whom police cases are pending in the court of law will not be admitted to the hostel. Every applicant for admission will be required to give an undertaking to the effect that no such case is pending against him.
Research scholars will have lower priority in the matter of admission.
The decision to admit or refuse admission to a student will rest with the University. No reasons are required to be given for refusal to admit.
The Hostel has 18 single - seated, 8 double -seated and 18 triple seated rooms. Admission to single seated rooms is restricted to post graduate students only. Double - seated rooms are generally reserved for undergraduate final year students while triple - seated rooms will be allotted to Ist and IInd year T. D. C. Students.
The Warden will have the right to ask a hosteller to vacate the hostel, if the presence of the latter is considered not conducive to hostel discipline. The Warden will have the right to inspect the room of any inmate from inside any time as and when he desires. He will take frequent rounds to ensure that the community life in the hostel is smooth. If an inmate is found to create hurdles of any kind in the smooth running of the community life in the hostel, serious action will be taken against him. He may have to vacate the hostel and he can also be rusticated from his college, depending upon the gravity of the offence.
The application of a student for hostel accommodation will be considered only after he has been admitted to one of the colleges and deposited the college fees. The Warden will admit him only after the student produces the fee receipt of his College. A student who is thus admitted by the Warden to the hostel, is required to deposit all the Hostel fees with the Cashier of his College. The warden will give the key of the hostel room allotted to a student only after he produces the receipt of the hostel fees. Defaulters in paying the Hostel fees will be expelled at once from the Hostel.
President of the Hostel Students Association
The president of the Hostel Association , duly elected , will act as perfect of the hostel. After his election, the room occupied by him will become rent free for the remainder of the session or till he remains Prefect, whichever is earlier. He will be expected to devote some extra time for the welfare and management of the Hostel.
The President will report at once all cases of misconduct and branch Hostel rules to the Warden.
He will get sports, cultural and athletic activities organized under the auspices of the hostel Student Association.
He will see that hostel property is not misused or damaged by any one in any way.
He will supervise cleanliness and sanitation in rooms.
The wing Prefects, duly nominated by the Warden, will assist the Prefect in his work. They will discuss them with the Warden.
All hostellers should first contact the Prefect before approaching the Warden .
The Prefect will report and keep continuous liaison with the Warden for promoting a healthy communicating life in the hostel and solving problems as and when they arise.


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