Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur

Channelizing the energy of the youth in a positive direction

About Red Ribbon Club

As economic, political and technological scenario is changing very fast, the redesigning management education is a must. The focus has to be on continuous learning, One operational area may comprise of 5-6 districts approximately and will be supervised by a Regional Coordinator. (*Districts to be identified and clubbed by SACS in one operational area depending upon the State’s requirement.). One such operational area will be supported by a Regional Coordinator. The Regional Coordinator will work in close co-ordination with Programme Officer of Colleges/ Institutions to facilitate the formation and functioning of RRC.


Red Ribbon Club Committee

Key Areas of RRC

  • Vibrancy of Youth: Tap the vibrancy of Youth and channelizing the energy of the youth in a positive direction.
  • Sex & Sexuality, HIV/AIDS & STI: Provide access to correct information on sexuality, HIV/AIDS, STI and other youth related issues in an enabling environment to promote healthy life styles.
  • Peer Education: Develop a cadre of Peer Educators among youth.
  • Voluntary Blood Donation: Promote voluntary non-remunerated blood donation.