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Education has had a significant place in the progress of civilization. From ages teaching and learning system has been changing,. Women-development has been given an important place in the human resource development. With the progress in education, women-welfare has been focused in multi-disciplinary activities and studies. From this point of view, government has envisioned the establishment of such centers at various universities and colleges that have become the functional sources for women-welfare along with education.

Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur bears moral responsibility towards the welfare of society, and hence has set Womens Studies Centre on 12th December, 1989.

Realizing its commitment towards the issues concerning women development and achievemerit in this field, UGC in its10th Plan has chosen this (MLSU) centre for financial assistance. With this, the charge of this UGC centre for women-studies was designated to Prof. Vijayalaxmi Chouhan who is the founder Director and has been recognized at the National level for running this centre effectively and efficiently on the basis of her managerial skills and acute statesmanship. This centre has been functioning for the progress of women especially destitute, neglected, illiterate rural and tribal women. At present Prof.Renu Jatana is the Director of Women Study Centre.

Significant Steps of the Centre :

  1. To develop the personality of girls and women of rural/tribal areas.
  2. To organize varied vocational courses for the economic development of girls and women.
  3. To raise consciousness about gender sensitive issues of society by including the subject of Women's Studies in the form of different courses.
  4. To conduct awareness programmes with the help of various organizations through audio-visual aids
  5. To organize camps in order to create awareness for health and hygiene among rural and tribal women.
  6. To promote women-studies by way of women-related researches, training and various other activities.
  7. To develop women oriented literature in the form of book, research periodical, journals, research paper and articles.
  8. To bring change in the mindset of society with regards to the gender role disparity.
  9. To exchange experiences and views on women related issues through the method of intensive dialogic discourses, seminars, workshops and other such activities.
  10. To evaluate different women-related researches, projects, training activities and studies.
  11. To prepare documents of government and non-government programmes related of women welfare.
  12. To guide humanly and holistically the ostracized victims especially the deprived and neglected sections of the society.


  1. Help Rural / tribal women and adolescent girls to develop their personality.
  2. Conduct various professional courses for women / girl economic empowerment.
  3. Include Women's Studies as a subject in various courses to raise sensitivity towards gender awareness in the society .
  4. Organize various awareness programs in collaboration other public organizations through audio-visual media.
  5. Organize camps for rural and tribal women to make them aware towards health and hygiene.
  6. Promote Women disciplinary research, training and extension activities through the organization to promote women's studies.
  7. Develop clinical literature through the medium of books, research journals, reports, research papers, articles etc about women.
  8. To change the view of society in the context of gender discrimination.
  9. Organize extension lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. egalitarian to reciprocate ideas and experiences.
  10. Evaluate women related issues by various research projects, training programs and studies.
  11. Create documents and reports related to women's welfare programs undertaken by state - non-government schemes - programs .
  12. Provide emotional support and guidance to the marginalized and disadvantaged members of society.

Dr.(Smt) Digvijay Bhatnagar

Dr. Garima Mishra
Assistant Professor

Dr. Dolly Mogra
Assistant Professor
Mohanlal Sukhadia University
Udaipur 313001, Rajasthan, India
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