Faculty of Department of Geography

Name: Dr. Seema Jalan
Designation: Head of Department
Research Area:
Office No:
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Name: Prof. Sadhana Kothari
Designation: Professor
Research Area: Agriculture Geog, Resource Geog, Poputation Geog,& Remot Sensing and Air Photo
Office No: 2470143
Email: skothari_06@yahoo.co.in
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Name: Bhanwar Vishvendra Raj Singh
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Area: Biogeography and Biodiversity Conservation, Natural Resource Management, Rural Development and Planning
Office No:
Email: bhanwarsa28@gmail.com
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Name: Dr. Devendra Singh Chouhan
Designation: Assistant Professor
Research Area: Environment Geography, Physical Geography, Natural Resources (Water & Forest)
Office No:
Email: dscgeodsc@gmail.com
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Name: Dr.Vijai Singh Meena
Designation: Assistant professor
Research Area: Tribal Geography, Agriculture Geography
Office No:
Email: vijaisinghmeena1975@gmail.com
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Mohanlal Sukhadia University
Udaipur 313001
Rajasthan, India
E-mail: registrar@mlsu.ac.in
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